Welcome, stranger.

Welcome to the Ticking Candle website. It’s hard to describe exactly what you’ll find here, because, as I’m writing this, the website is sitting naked, lost and alone, instructed to wait until further instruction. I guess it’s not totally alone, though. In a way, the site is already woven into the web. Its menu contains links to our social media accounts and they it.

So, a little about us. If you’ve ever had the chance to thumb through the forlorn pages of a coven spellbook, our name will be familiar. A ticking candle is an instrument in the field of curse-laying. An ordinary candle whose flame reigns over a waxen field littered with the burnt and rent corpses of dozens of ticks. Nasty, but powerful.

Not that we’ve dabbled. That was just the inspiration behind the name. We are likely nothing more than a simple company founded in 2022 by a trio of innocent, well-meaning siblings who have been working on a video game project for the past year-ish, during which we realized we had a lot of ideas worth pursuing. Nothing more or less.

Our current project is a video game called Eftu. At first, Eftu was an online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) with players operating anti-gravity vehicles and engaging in cosmic warfare. Although there is still a heavy emphasis on the FPS aspects, we decided to broaden the stroke of our brush. Now, players will be collaborating and competing in a variety of game modes, unraveling together the mysteries that drive the story. Unified with their guildmembers, they will take on –

Oh, see the candle? Our time is short. Let’s leave it at that.